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Cookout Dessert Idea!

August 19, 2011

I recently attended a 60th birthday bash for my aunt and uncle.  The party was backyard cookout style- so I created cupcakes on this theme.  They are fairly easy to make and look adorable!!


Make your favorite full-size cupcake recipe.  I used vanilla- my favorite!!


What You Need:

Regular Sized Marshmallows (1 bag is plenty for 12 cupcakes)

Oreo Cookies (about 10 for 12 cucpakes)

Orange Sugar Crystals

Red Sugar Crystals

2 Cans store-made vanilla frosting (regular style- not whipped)

Black food coloring

How you do it:

1. Cut marshmallows with clean scissors into halfs and thirds- set aside

2. Crush Oreo cookies in food processor until fine (imagine ashes)

3. Make sure cupcakes are cooled and ready to be decorated

4. Put a small amount of vanilla frosting on top of each cupcake then “glue” the marshmallow pieces in random array to them. (Picture charcoals) Place cupcakes in freezer for 10 minutes to set.

5.  Heat remaining vanilla frosting in a cereal sized bowl on high for about 10 seconds- stir.  Keep heating in small amounts until smooth and liquidy.  Add small amount of black food coloring to make icing gray.

6.  hold each cucpake upside down and dip into liquid frosting. allow excess to drip back into bowl.

7. sprinkle each cupcake with sugar crystals.  Use oreo crumbs to fill in gaps between charcoals and at base of cupcake top.

8.  I kept these refrigerated until I was ready to go to the party so the icing wouldn’t have a chance to melt.  I served them in a disposable sterno-water pan and placed my cooling rack on top to make it look like a grill!


These recieved many compliments.  To my surprise there was a “Cake Boss” cake at this party and people still thought my cupcakes came out nicely!!


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