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Super Cute Snowman Cupcakes!

January 8, 2012

This cupucake idea was adapted with some modifications from a great cupcake decorating book:

What’s New, Cupcake?” by K. Tate and A. Richardson 


These little snowmen are a delightful addition to a dessert table at a holiday party of any kind!  I made them for my family Christmas party.  They are quite time consuming to assemble, so leave yourself plenty of time- but try to assemble them the day-of.  I assembled the night before and the chocolate wafers crumbled from moisture from being covered.


What you need:

1) 12 cupcakes- your choice of flavor- as long as it “blends” with coconut.  (I used vanilla cupcakes)

2) Buttercream frosting for 12 cupcakes (you can use store bought- again, whatever flavor “blends” with coconut.)  (I used a raspberry buttercream). Reserve some for tinting for hat trim

3) Famous Chocolate Wafers (1 pkg)- these are probably on the top shelf of the cookie section of your grocery store (out of eye sight for some reason! took us forever to find them)

4) Shredded Coconut- 1 package

5) Regular Sized Chocolate chips (24 pieces)

6) Mini Chocolate chips (50-60 pieces)

7) Red and Green Mini-M&Ms (50 pieces- about half and half)

8)Orange Slices Candies (approx 4 pieces)

9) Green Food Coloring

10) Food grade scissors

11) Piping or Ziploc Bag 

How to do it:

1) Let cupcakes cool completely before decorating

2) Cut each chocolate wafer by angling the scissors slightly inward to create hat shape. (Use caution as these wafers are fragile and hard to cut without breaking!)

3) Cut orange slices into wedges using imprinted lines and scissors. You may coat the pieces in granulated sugar to keep them from being too sticky after you cut them.

4) Create a “decorating station” with a flat plate filled with coconut and small bowls filled with other decorations.

5) Tint a small amount of frosting green in a ziploc or piping bag with a small opening cut in it.

6) Spread a small amount of frosting on a few cupcakes at a time (you don’t want frosting to dry out while you are waiting)

 7) Roll the top of the cupcake in shredded coconut to coat the top

8) Insert the “hat” into the top of the cupcake

9) Place two chocolate chips- point down- into cupcake for eyes

10) Affix orange slice “nose” with extra frosting if neccessary

11) Use mini-choc chips (point down) to make mouth- be creative with facial expressions!

12) Pipe a brim on your hat with green food color and affix green and red m&ms

13) ENJOY!!!


Note- original recipe called for cupcakes to be rolled in decorating sugar and not coconut, as well as using the remaining cookie pieces for a brim.  Those brims were decorated with piped holly berries and leaves.  This was too time-consuming for me and I couldn’t keep the smaller brim pieces intact because the cookies were fragile, so I improvised!



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