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Cinderella Princess Cake

February 22, 2012

Our daughter recently turned two.  She is in love with Disney Princesses.  I remember my mom making doll cakes for me and my sister when we were younger, so I decided to give it a try.  Here’s how I did it!

The Cake:

I used a simple yellow cake recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens Bridal Edition Cookbook.

To create the dress shape, I used an 8 inch diameter mixing bowl as the pan I baked in.  This required an increase in baking time to 80 minutes. (Your individual oven time may vary)

The Icing:

I created a batch of Raspberry Buttercream using a Wilton Buttercream recipe, substituting Raspberry Extract for Vanilla Extract. The blue color is from about 1 drop of neon blue food coloring.

The Decorating

I “dirty iced” the cake after it cooled with a thin layer of my icing.

Next, I draped a think layer of blue fondant (wilton brand) over the cake, smoothing and cutting off the excess.  The shape of the cake requires some pleating to be done, these can be dressed up with the rest of the decorations.

Next, I used a ziploc piping bag to create the dress decorations.  I added my daughter’s initials to the front of the dress.  

Next, I sprinkled the cake with blue pearl sprinkles and shimmery sugar glitter

Next, I inserted the doll into the cake (I found the Doll stake at Michaels for about 5.00).  I then decorated her top with icing and pearl sprinkles.

Lastly, I used pre-made icing roses as accents on the dress itself.

Everyone loved the cake and decorations!!  This is a great idea for any girl birthday party- I chose to make a Cinderella style dress, but you could easily recreate another Disney princess just by changing color scheme (Belle= yellow, Tiana=green, Aurora = magenta, etc)

The crown is actually a piece from a snow princess Dora set that my daughter already had at home.


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